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Welcome To!

noms2We’re doing a bit of reorganizing at NipClub, and one of our improvements is to move some stuff that applies to NipClub as a whole from our monthly pawty blog to the club’s main site at

This includes…

  1. Our explanation for new pals of what NipClub is about and what we do;
  2. Our staff lists, with photographs (we’re still working on completing those);
  3. Information on how we choose the charities we feature, and what to do if you want to suggest one to us; and…
  4. The details of our current charity, which will be much easier to find in the new location at .

This will make general information easier to find, and will also leave our monthly blog free for all the details of each pawty, such as entertainment, costumes, games, noms and drinks.

Our monthly pawty site will also be undergoing some design changes shortly, but our weekly pawty site is not affected and all your favorite weekly features are remaining undisturbed.

Hope you will find our redesign easy and enjoyable to use.