Slight Hiccup With Our Widget…

#NCHG Foster-Adoption-Guidelines-Image-e1398520430402As you know, we’ve had a few technical difficulties with our widgets recently, and @TinyPearlCat and I have been trying hard to sort them out. Perhaps we tried a little too hard, because with the best of intentions we accidentally set up two of them this month!

We thought we’d put that right by simply publishing one of them and leaving the other live on the YouCaring site because it had some test donations in it which we wanted to get safely to the charity when the appeal closes.

However, this is NipClub, where the unexpected always happens. It seems that due to both widgets having the same PayPal address the YouCaring site can’t always differentiate between them, so has credited some money to the one we didn’t publish. And, of course, if we just cancel one of them the same thing could maybe happen again, and it’s going to look extremely suspicious if the larger one disappears and people wonder why the widget total has gone down!

#NCHG Millie-150x150We’ve therefore gone ahead and published the unofficial widget, too, so that everyone can see that everything’s above board, so if you make a donation and the widget hasn’t moved please scroll down to the second widget, click on its graphic, and on the next page click on the Supporters tab and you should see your donation there.

Yes, it makes us look kinda silly, but at least it shows we’re giving credit for every donation that we get, and we’d way rather look silly than give anyone the impression that anything improper is happening with your donations.

We believe we’ve solved the earlier problems, so paws crossed next month we’ll have a widget that works properly. Reliably. Accurately. Without arguing with anyone. And on its own. :-)

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