Major Animal Emergency: Oso Mudslide

The wreckage that was Oso: pic by

The devastation that was Oso: pic by

You are probably aware of the devastating mud-slide that hit the little town of Oso,Washington on Saturday. So far 25 people are known to have died, but that figure is expected to rise dramatically as rescuers reach bodies buried in the mud. Many more are injured, and 90 are still unaccounted for. The scene has been described as looking like the surface of the moon.

Naturally, most rescue efforts are concentrated on finding humans, but inevitably there are other casualties too. Many pets and other animals will have been killed, injured, traumatized or simply will have fled. Oso is a farming area, and in addition to companion animals there are working, farm, stray and feral animals involved.

Local rescue services are overwhelmed by the influx of bewildered, hungry, scared and possibly injured animals, and owners are desperately searching for news of them.

That’s why for once we’re breaking our usual rule of not allowing the #NipClub hashtag to be used to appeal for any other causes. This is a major emergency affecting many animals, and it is obviously right for us to respond as best we can.

Buried by the hillside, but the flag still flies: one wrecked home in Oso, Washington (pic by

The flag still flies: one wrecked home in Oso, Washington (pic by

We are not, at the moment, asking you for money. We’re looking into whether there’s a way that we can perhaps help financially at a later date. The sheer size of this disaster means that help is likely to be needed for a long time to come, so we’re not asking you to divert donations from this month’s charity, Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue.

What we would like you to do, please, is to send a tweet on the timeline during #NipClub tonight telling people where they can report a missing or found animal. The suggested tweet below is from NipClub Entertainment Manager @mattiedog, who lives in the area and whose Momma has been helping with the rescue work. You’re welcome to put it in your own words or tweet it as it is – all that matters is to get the word out. The tweet is…

If U lost or found animal in #530Slide contact @EverettAnimals425-257-6000 PLS RT!
Thank you.
PS  You might like to see what finding their missing dog, pulled alive from the wreckage of their home, means to one family…

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  1. Fank U so much for helping to get da word out – bless U all!

    • You very welcome, Mattie – you did a great job on Thursday! Sending love and prayers for all involved *hugs*